Deep Agile 2013:  Creating a Culture of Quality

In agile development, quality is a shared contribution of everyone involved. But it is not easy to create a culture of quality. How do you motivate all team members to make that great product? How do you enable testing professionals to add value in all phases of product development, rather than being gatekeepers at the end?

The Deep Agile 2013 seminar, on the weekend of November 23-24 in Cambridge, MA, is for all development team members and stakeholders who want to understand the role of testing in software development and make quality a bigger part of their jobs. The emphasis will be on contributions from all roles associated with the development of a product, including product managers and owners, developers and architects, managers and team leaders, and testing and user experience team members.

An outstanding group of agile and testing experts will lead interactive discussions on topics like:

  •  How do you change the role of testers to be a catalyst, providing the team with technology and insights to deliver intrinsic and extrinsic quality?
  •  How do you create a culture of honesty and safety where everyone will collaborate?
  •  How do you understand your users’ needs, communicate them in ways that help everyone involved, and break those needs into slices that can be delivered early and often and generate continuous feedback?
  •  How do you get product owners and analysts to better define implementable features?
  •   How can you use documentation to capture the common understanding of user needs?
  •  How do you improve quality, increase sustainability, and minimize rework by building quality in?
  •  How do you maintain collaboration all the way to the release of the product?

It takes a village to deliver quality software.

Come join us at the Deep Agile 2013 seminar for an experiential journey into bringing roles together to make better software, Learn how the entire process, from ideas, to plans, to creation, to quality, to exposure, benefits when all parts of team work together in a culture of quality.